Dr. Fabrizio Pece

Dr. Fabrizio Pece

Postdoctoral Researcher
Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab, ETH Zürich

+41 44 632 07 68
+41 44 632 16 59
Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland
ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, CNB, E 108.1


I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, working with Prof. Otmar Hilliges in the Advanced Interactive Technologies lab at the Institute of Pervasive Computing. Prior to joining ETH I was a PhD student at University College London (2010-2014), where I earned my doctoral degree in the Virtual Environment and Computer Graphics group, under the supervision of Prof. Jan Kautz. I earned my BSc in Computer Science from Università degli Studi di Roma Torvergata, Italy (2008) and my MSc in Vision and Virtual Environment from University College London, UK (Distinction, 2009). Between June and October 2010 I have completed an internship at Disney Research Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Wojciech Matusik.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the human computer interaction (HCI) and computer vision (CV) fields, with a particular focus on different aspects of virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, mobile interaction and computational user interface design.

In my research I explore the novel challenges and research opportunities opened up by the current digital trend, while advancing the state of the art in HCI. To do so, I combine emerging input and output technologies in interesting and novel ways, creating and studying interactive systems. In my work, I bring together several fields, including computer vision, machine learning and computer graphics, to explore novel ways in which people can interact with and within our increasingly digital word. I build complex interactive systems that combine novel hardware and sensing technologies, and that are paired with data-driven and computational methods to create prototypes that can be evaluated with users, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Academic and Professional Activities

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Student Supervision

Technical Program Comittee Member


I routinely review papers for ACM CHI, UIST, SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, IEEE ISMAR, IEEE VR as well as for other conferences and many journal publications.

Selected Publications

A complete list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar, DBLP the ACM DL and on my old UCL webpage.


DeepWriting: Making Digital Ink Editable via Deep Generative Modeling

AuthorsE. Aksan, F. Pece, O. Hilliges
In ProceedingsSIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Montréal, Canada, 2018

Honorable Mention Best Paper Award


MagTics: Flexible and Thin Form Factor Magnetic Actuators for Dynamic and Wearable Haptic Feedback

Authors F. Pece*, J. Zarate*, V. Vechev, N. Besse, O. Gudozhnik, H. Shea, O. Hilliges
In ProceedingsACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, Quebec City, Canada, Oct. 2017
*Authors contributed equally to this work.


DefSense: Computational Design of Customized Deformable Input Devices

Authors M. Bächer, B. Hepp*, F. Pece*, P. G. Kry, B. Bickel, B. Thomaszewski, O. Hilliges
In ProceedingsACM SIGCHI, San Jose, CA, USA, May 2016
*Authors contributed equally to this work.


Joint Estimation of 3D Hand Position and Gestures from Monocular Video for Mobile Interaction

Authors J. Song, F. Pece, G. Sörös, M. Koelle, O. Hilliges
In ProceedingsACM SIGCHI, Seoul, South Korea, Apr. 2015


In-air Gestures Around Unmodified Mobile Devices

Authors J. Song, G. Sörös, F. Pece, S. Fanello, S. Izadi, C. Keskin, O. Hilliges
In ProceedingsACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii, Oct. 2014


Video Collections in Panoramic Contexts

Authors James Tompkin, Fabrizio Pece, Rajvi Shah, Shahram Izadi, Jan Kautz, Christian Theobalt
In ProceedingsACM User Interface and Software Technologies (UIST), St Andrews, UK, October 8—11, 2013


PanoInserts: Mobile Spatial Teleconferencing

Authors Fabrizio Pece, William Steptoe, Julier Simon, Fabian Wanner, Tim Weyrich, Jan Kautz, Anthony Steed
In ProceedingsACM SIGCHI, Paris, France, April, 2013


Beaming: An Asymmetric Telepresence System

Authors Anthony Steed William Steptoe, Wole Oyekoya, Fabrizio Pece, Tim Weyrich, Jan Kautz, et al.
In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 32(6): 10-17 (2012)


Acting Rehearsal in Collaborative Multimodal Mixed Reality Environments

Authors William Steptoe, Jean-Marie Normand Steptoe, Wole Oyekoya, Fabrizio Pece, et al.
In Presence - Teleoperators and Virtual Environments (2012), 21(4):406-422, Fall 2012


Adapting Standard Video Codecs for Depth Streaming

Authors Fabrizio Pece, Jan Kautz Tim Weyrich
In ProceedingsJoint Virtual Reality Conference of EuroVR (JVRC 2011), Nottingham, UK, September 2011

Book Chapters


Range Imaging

Authors Andreas Kolb and Fabrizio Pece
In Digital Representations of the Real World: How to Capture, Model, and Render Visual Reality - Marcus Magnor and Oliver Grau and Olga Sorkine-Hornung and Christian Theobalt (Eds.). CRC Press, ISBN 9781482243819, to appear.



Videos in Context for Telecommunication and Spatial Browsing

Authors Fabrizio Pece
PhD Thesis @University College London, 2014


High Dynamic Range for Dynamic Scenes

Authors Fabrizio Pece
MSc Thesis @University College London, 2009

Student Theses

Research projects are available for ETH students interested in pursuing a Bachelor/Master thesis in HCI, Robotics and Vision related topics. Soon we will be publishing a list of available thesis here. You are welcome to suggest your own topics, and please feel free to contact me.