Artur Grigorev

Artur Grigorev

Ph.D. student
Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab, ETH Zürich

Stampfenbachstrasse 48, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland
ETH Zurich, Department of Computer Science, STD, H 27

About me

I'm a first year doctoral fellow in the Max Plank ETH Center for Learning Systems, a joint program between ETH Zurich and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. I am supervised by Prof. Otmar Hilliges and Prof. Michael Black. I am currently working in the AIT lab at ETH Zurich.

I obtained my Bachelor's degree as a Software Engineer from HSE Moscow in 2017, and then my Master's degree in Data Science from Skoltech in 2019. In 2018-2022 I worked at Samsung AI Center Moscow as a research engineer.

My main research interests lie in the area of human image generation, particulary generative models of human body and loose clothing modelling. You can find full list of my previous publications on my personal web page.

Publications at AIT


HOOD: Hierarchical Graphs for Generalized Modelling of Clothing Dynamics

Teaching Assistant